Sole’ East Resort Wedding | Montauk, New York

Sole East Resort Wed­ding | Mon­tauk, New York — Last week­ends wed­ding was great… Mag­gie (the Bride) found us on Style Me Pretty and fell in love with one of our fea­tured demos (Aubry & Nick). We were excited about film­ing the wed­ding as we had never been to “the Hampton’s” before. Hav­ing friends in both Brook­lyn Heights as well as upstate New York (Pat­ter­son & Wal­lkill) we knew we could both film the wed­ding & have a great vaca­tion, vis­it­ing our friends. If you’ve never been to the Hampton’s and are won­der­ing what Sole’ East is all about, think ACE Hotel (Palm Springs, Ca) meets New York! The hotel itself is a “ren­o­vated” hotel turned “Hip” by new owner. Com­plete with white walls, funky art, DJ spinin’ pool side, restau­rant named Back­yard, “hip­ster” clien­tal & a bar… and you have Sole’ East Resort!

As for Mag­gie & Craig’s wed­ding, well we had a great time and it was appar­ent their guest did too!! Before the cer­e­mony guest were greeted with (two per­son) gui­tarist group for a lit­tle pre-ceremony & wed­ding cer­e­mony music. After the wed­ding had fin­ished, guest were ush­ered to the “Back­yard” for cock­tails while Mag­gie & Craig were filmed & photographed.

Once cock­tail hour had fin­ished, we were ready to intro­duce the new­ly­weds. I announced the cou­ple, thay walked in to the sound of their guest cheer­ing them on as their (reg­gae band) Win­ston Irie played!! Their first dance was also taken care of and played by Win­ston Irie. If you like reg­gae, def­i­nitely look into them. They are a great group of guys.
















…a few details














Win­ston Irie con­tin­ued to play music through­out  din­ner and the first dance set lead­ing up to the cake cut­ting. After the cake, the Groom (Craig) said… “Josh, you need to get this party jumpin”. And “jumpin” I got it!! The reg­gae music was awe­some, but when I started play­ing it was appar­ent the guest were ready to “cut a rug”!! In an instant we had a party… being a jew­ish wed­ding, I started off with Hava Nag­ila. After get­ting the guest warmed up with that, I con­tin­ued to spin clas­sics and cur­rent pop­u­lar hits. We had a BLAST and the dance floor… well you couldn’t see the dance floor for all the peo­ple on it!! And that’s just what the bride and groom wanted! We really enjoyed our­selves at Mag­gie & Craig’s wed­ding and will never for­get the experience.