Listen, Feel, Dance


1. to give attention with the ear
2. attend closely for the purpose of hearing
3. to wait attentively to perceive a sound


1. To undergo the experience of: felt the love from all
2. To be aware of; sense: felt the energy in the room
3. To be emotionally affected by


1. Motions and steps performed to music
2. The act or an instance of dancing
3. The art of dancing

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Why choose Goodbeat Productions?


With 10+ years in the wedding industry… I eat, sleep & drink weddings! I have worked on Califorina weddings from Palm Springs to Napa & Sonoma counties. I worked on backyard bbq style weddings to multi-million dollar private estates & 5 star resorts! I look forward to working on your wedding.


We do things differently and our clients love us for it! We take the time required to get to know YOU, your musical interest, your likes and dis-likes. We keep it “old-school”… using Technics turntables, records & needle. When it comes to dance music, every song is “beat mixed” perfectly as if it were just one continuous song. We DJ and YOU dance!

Music Knowledge

All I can really say is I LOVE MUSIC! It doesn’t really matter what kind of music it is, as long as it’s good! I really think its “Soul” and “a good HOOK” and you’ve got a great song. It could be fast, it could be slow. It could be top 40, it could be Country. The only thing that matters to me is “It’s GOOD!”

Kate + Frank

“We cannot thank you enough for the music at our wedding. That dance floor was jammin'”

All the best,

Kate & Frank

Julia + Taylor

“Thank you so much for making our wedding day PERFECT! We’ve never seen a dance floor so packed and our guest didn’t want to leave!”

Julia + Taylor

Kim + Brad

“Thank you for doing suck a fantastic job doing our wedding. You were very skilled at mixing. Thank you for making the experience so much fun for us and our guest.”

Kim & Brad

Nick + Brittany

“Thank you for being a special part of our big day. It was definitely more fun and wild than we had dreamed”

God Bless,

Nick & Brittany

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