About Us (The Goodbeat Crew)

 First up is none other than the DJ that started & built the com­pany from the ground up… Mr. Joshua Jones (aka Josh@Goodbeat). Hav­ing worked for his older brother’s com­pany for 7 yrs, it was only a mat­ter of time before he would real­ize he could apply the same level of work ethic and become even more pros­per­ous slav­ing for him­self. Thus, in 2002 Josh called his older brother and told him “I’m gonna have to give you back the keys to the com­pany vehi­cle, cuz I’ve decide to start my own com­pany”. You see Josh had a pas­sion for DJing and mak­ing peo­ple dance… and thought “what bat­ter way to make a liv­ing, than doing what I LOVE to do”!! From that day on Good­beat Pro­duc­tions was founded. It wasn’t dif­fi­cult for Josh to get busi­ness as most of the com­pe­ti­tion were (should we say) older gen­tle­men, who didn’t really keep them­selves up too much and keep­ing up with “new music” was an after thought. Although Josh was liv­ing in Ven­tura, Ca he quickly made a name for him­self in Santa Bar­bara amongst Brides & Grooms and other local Wed­ding Pro­fes­sion­als. He then began to com­mand a price point (many times) dou­ble, what most of the other local wed­ding DJ’s were charg­ing and get­ting RAVE reviews as well! Today Josh con­tin­ues doing what he loves. He works at the best of the best wed­ding venus includ­ing 5 star resorts, pri­vate estates, winer­ies and beau­ti­ful ranches mak­ing peo­ple have more FUN at a wed­ding than they ever have! Many of his clients have said “he loves what he does, and it shows”.



DJ Malik Miko Thorne

 Next Up is DJ Malik, talk about a guy every­one likes. Malik is one in a mil­lion! Chances are if you live in San Luis, you already know Malik. At least in town Malik can’t walk 10 feet with­out stop­ping to chat other local friends. So what does Malik like to spin? Well he’ll have to tell to you what he’s cur­rently lis­ten­ing to, but I’ll say chances are he might turn you on to some­thing you just haven’t heard of yet! If your insane about music (as I am) this is just the type of guy your look­ing for in a DJ.Tall, ultra cool, soft spo­ken and an wealth of music knowl­edge… DJ Malik def­i­nitely embod­ies what comes to mind when you think of a DJ.



DJ Manuel Barba